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Our environment has always been our inspiration. At Somersets, we believe that a small part of our exceptionally beautiful countryside goes into everything we do. Set among the verdant landscape of Oxfordshire, Somersets is committed to preserving its natural beauty. So even if you’re a busy urbanite, Somersets offers you a little bit of nature.

Somersets was started back in the 20th century – 1991 in Henley to be precise.  Maybe it was something in the water round here that inspired us to create a range of toiletries and cosmetics that are now sold worldwide.

Exceptional surroundings result in exceptional products. Somersets entire range is created in Henley, in the grounds of a manor house that pre-dates the company by around 700 years.

We’re purists (some would say bordering on obsessive) about what makes it into our range. Only top of the range, natural ingredients get even a sniff of our products.

Our Research & Development is work is exhaustive. As scientists, they’re happiest when they’re investigating new ingredients to improve existing products or create new ones.

We thought it was time to give the boring old brands a run for their money, and give men a real choice. Looking back, it was a lot to ask – to create a high quality range that wouldn’t cost the earth; that would be all-natural, affordable and have minimal environmental impact. Oh yes. We had one other demand – it should actually work.

From what you’ve told us, we think we’ve got there. That doesn’t mean we rest on our laurels (or lavender or tea tree). Good enough is never good enough.  We believe we can always do better and we’re happy to listen. So tell us what you think. We like hearing from you and it gives us a break from obsessing.


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