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Let’s face it, shaving is an invasive activity. Applying a sharp metal blade to your face cuts hairs but also removes microscopic layers of skin and can cause irritation. Contrary to uninformed opinions, you shouldn’t abuse your face to get a close shave. Use a face scrub:
A gentle scrubbing massage will help open pores, prime follicles and raise stubs for a closer shave.
This exfoliation removes deadcells and impurities that can cause acne, ingrown hairs razor bumps and infection It will also smooth and renew your complexion.
  Use a sharp blade:
Discard shaving blades after four or five uses. Unfortunately, they don’t stay sharp enough for more than that. Use gentle strokes; don’t put too much pressure on the blade. You will find razor blades last longer with Somersets.
Avoid irritants: They can damage your skin and create microscopic swelling. Avoid anything that tingles, stings or numbs during or after shaving, when your skin is vulnerable. Stay away from alcohol , Sodium Laureate Sulphate petroleum based ingredients and Parabens. Post-trauma soothing: Don’t skip this step; it is important to calm irritation, balance your skin’s moisture content and pre-vent potential problems such as ingrown hairs or clogged pores. No alcohol! You need proven functional anti-inflammatory and pore-clearing ingredients. For special occasions: Shave in two steps. First, shave with the grain with very light pressure. Second, reapply a coat of Somersets Shaving Oil and shave against the grain for super-close results. Use Somersets skin care for the highest level of performance.


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